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Well, I've decided to build my own instrument! If I want to learn to play on it, the next step. My father, John Tverli, was part of an association, a company, "Salten Violinmageres Society", which was formed in 1987 by enthusiasts who built instruments after having attended courses. This was the northernmost Fiolinmaker club! You can read more about this club here.

My father made at least 3 violins, and a nyckelharpa. I seem to remember that he had some Swedish contacts, regarding the latter instrument. I inherited his first violin, from 1986 - it was his # 1. I've long really thought about building my own instrument, but since it was the accordion I could best, this was with the violin lying in the background. It's a bit strange that I became more interested when I actually attended one of the courses my father attended, I made a report in local newspapers, and took some pictures. But I did not know they started a Society that way. The courses had the gutted hall in Misvær Kola, where I went finishing secondary school and Realschule. But it is interesting to see that my father had made several instruments during the courses he went there. Nyckelharpa I'm mighty proud of on his behalf!

These pages here, will be a documentation of this project, it might push me a bit that there must be documented, then it's not so easy to give up. (The word I hate). I will take pictures, video and write as much as I'm able, and it might be fun to see what happens.

If you are interested, why not Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. (Send your interest.) Your email will be protected against hacking, and not molested in any kind of way. And I also see that the summer is not the smartest time to be inside, working on materials, I guess the fall will be the right time to start the real work. I have made room, and good conditions for a lucky instrument making!

My father, John Tverli, with his Nyckelharpa and my middle daughter, Liecel Cecilie, with one of violins John made. I was lucky enough to inherit his No. 1 from 1986. Photo: Kurt Tverli.